Who are we?

Ioanes H. Sinderman and Sami Ancieta, two veterans of the movie industry, make up what is behind Filmagio Cine Produktion and Chakana Films. They are assisted by David Borja and Robin Kappacher.

Ioanes H. Sinderman, a Vienna born filmmaker who has Austrian, as well as international film education and experiences. A multi-year travel lead him to South America. Sinderman has worked over ten years in the field of production design and movie production, being involved in movies like „Therapy for a vampire“ (Novotny Film 2014) und „Cracks in Concrete“ (Wega-Film 2014) and series such as „Fast Forward“ (MR-Film 2010-2014) and „Mutig in die neuen Zeiten“ (MR-Film 2005).

Sami Ancieta‘s way started in South America in Peru’s capital Lima to be more exact. That was were he, at the age of 17 entered the world of the movie business, working for several TV and advertising companies and absolving a study in „Audiovisual communication and multimedia“. While working as an in-house partner for Inca Films, over the last five years he has gained practical experience in the field of casting and directing. After moving to Vienna he founded the production house Chakana Films and together with Ioanes H. Sinderman produced various projects.

Our aspirations

Like many before us, our main priority is to entertain. However, our intension is to distance ourselves from any ‘crude’ execution, instead we aim to subtly change the viewer’s perspective and by these means trigger emotions and contemplation.
By producing a very international feel, we aim not only to differentiate ourselves from the usual landscape of German-speaking film but also to reach out to a broader audience.
This is the cinematographic approach, vital in the production of all our projects, as well as to deliver artistically produced, strong images.

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