About EoE

Empires of Evil is a web series conceived for internet publication. It’s first season contains six episodes each with a run time of about 5 minutes. It was produced by Chakana Films and Filmagio Cine Produktion and created by Ioanes H. Sinderman who also directed and produced it with the help of Sami Ancieta. They were both assisted by David Borja and Robin Kappacher.

The self-funded low-budget series was filmed in English with a thoroughly international cast, the actors being from Peru, Ecuador, South Africa, Mexico, Costa Rica and Germany.

After conducting castings with the help of Alejandro Peña (Latino TV on Okto TV), pre-production began in September 2013, followed by a 10 day shoot in October, in which the entire season was shot. Location wise, the idea was to see ‘Vienna in the foreground and Eastern Europe in the background’. Most of the locations were adapted using cgi and set extensions.

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