It’s the year 2020. After the assassination of General Secretary Gorbachev in 1986 the Soviet Union rose to be the world’s leading super power. Soviet embassy employee Darja Kusnezowa (Shalaine Schamrel) has a problem. Her boyfriend, a loser and small-time criminal has been kidnapped by Eduard Krylow (Erec Ortmann) who’s an especially unconscionable member of the drug cartel Villa Nueva. In order to free her abducted friend from Krylow, Darja has to deliver a special suitcase on time, with dreadful content.

On her way to the handover Darja runs down an unknown man (Lisardo Gómez Estévez) with her car. Even though she’s in a hurry she offers the lightly injured man a ride. Slowly but surely she discovers that their paths didn’t cross as unintentionally as initially thought.

Between drug deals and contract kills, she is still determined to rescue her loser boyfriend from the influence of the ruthless Krylow, the lines between good and evil becoming more and more blurred along the way for Darja.


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